Shopping In Leiden transformed me

Bijgewerkt: feb 29

I often wear makeup and wear clothes that make me feel good. Nothing better than to get out of bed, stick some slap on, play my favourite music and be in the best possible mood for the day ahead.

Most Fridays I go off to the Stevensbloem shopping centre to get the food in to cook something special for Friday night. This week I was there and received a rather special reaction from a young woman who tapped my shoulder while I was having a last ciggie before getting back in my car.

She asked if i minded if she made a comment. Didn't know what to expect so i agreed. She then said she was proud of me for being myself and if i was interested she would do a makeover session for me. I thanked her (Angelique) and agreed to meet up after exchanging whatsapp numbers.

True to her word she gave me a call and we arranged that I come to her studio the following Friday. I should make sure that I'd have a shave and arrive with no makeup on. Got a great welcome and we got chatting on what she planned to do. She asked if I had any particular wishes and I said no, just do your thing.

For the next hour she was busy with foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, falsh eyelashes(never used before), and brushes of all types. There was a mirror but I chose not to look until she had finished.

On the left is my daily look and on the right after Angeliques magic touches.

As i said feeling good is something magnificent and Angelique made me go out in the world this day with a huge smile on my face. What a fantastic person Angelique is , someone with a lust for life. I cannot thank her enough for making this day special.

Below is the video Angelique posted on her website.

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