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What makes a composition exciting and what kind of story can you tell with your photo? How can you use our senses in your short story or poem? How do you make a short documentary or film?

Did you know that absurdism is the art of freedom and that in this form of expression you work with materials other than pencil and paint? Do the names Gilbert&George, Zanele Muholi and Keith Haring mean anything to you? You will get answers to these questions and many more at the art club!


The Art Club meets once a month on a Saturday afternoon in COC De Kroon, Langegracht 65 in Leiden. We start at 1:00 PM until about 4:00 PM.

You can register to join at any time.

In addition to our creative excesses, we also get to know each other. You meet new people, get to work practically and learn a lot about LGBTIQ+ art history. And have a lot of fun together! Nothing is mandatory, (almost) everything is allowed. During each meeting you will learn that you have more creativity than you expected.


If you want to be part of our amazing art club, please send a message to: You don't have to be there each month and you can just drop by to have a look and get to know us a bit better. Everyone is welcome! 

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